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Patrick specializes in guitar instruction in classical and jazz; he also has years of experience playing and teaching rock and contemporary styles. His students have gone on to study guitar at accredited universities throughout the U.S. and have published music on major streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Patrick offers customized instruction in guitar and bass, with a focus on the individual interests and needs of each student. Students are expected to put in practice time each day, with the purpose of working toward scheduled performances and/or recording dates.


In addition to instrumental instruction, Patrick offers tutoring in music theory and composition. His knowledge and experience as a doctor of music theory ensure quality instruction and guidance in the critical study of music. He has experience assisting teachers to prepare for the Praxis exam in music and editing Master's Theses and Doctoral Dissertations.


During his studies, Patrick recognized and developed his aural skills and ability to transcribe music by ear. He has years of professional experience transcribing jazz, folk, world, and popular music and arranging for a wide variety of soloists and ensembles. He offers his transcription and arranging skills as a customized service.

Examples of Transcriptions and Arrangements

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