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Patrick is a guitarist and music theorist from Fayetteville, Arkansas. He has performed for over 20 years as a guitarist in jazz, classical, and contemporary styles. He has played in various regions throughout the U.S. and has recorded music at Sun Studios in Memphis, TN.

He specializes in weddings and formal events.




Patrick earned a Bachelor's Degree in Guitar Performance and a Master's Degree in Music Theory from the University of Arkansas. He completed his Ph.D. in Music Theory at the University of North Texas in 2021. He has presented original research at professional conferences in the U.S. and in Melbourne, Australia.


Patrick has over 15 years of experience as a professional music educator. He has given private lessons throughout that time, wherein he offers instruction in guitar, bass, keyboard, voice, composition, and music theory. He has taught courses in music theory at the University of Arkansas and the University of North Texas. He currently serves as a music instructor at Arkansas Arts Academy High School in Rogers, Arkansas, where he teaches courses in music theory, guitar, bass, and percussion. He also directs the Arkansas Arts Academy Jazz Ensemble and the Arkansas Arts Academy Guitar Ensemble.

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